Botkier Clyde--Who Has This?!

Dec 6, 2005
OK I never really paid much attention to Botkier, something about those slanted zippers....Anyways, much to my suprise I just saw the Clyde on NM on-line, in some gorgeous colors, especially the hunter green, I love it! Any thoughts?
I like this colour -


Something about the shape of the bag almost makes it seem Balenciaga-esque though. Maybe I'm just thinking too much about the B-bags !
It's the best smelling bag I own. It really smells of leather. I keep it in my dust bag whenever it's not in use, to keep that smell for longer. And than I'd take a whif whenever I get the chance. Mines a lilac. I don't get to used it that much though, but I still like it. I know some newer versions has the shoulder strap, see if you can get it. I wish I had one.
I own a Botkier clyde in black, and i love it! The pros: Beautiful leather, great design and plenty of space. Cons: HEAVY
Overall, I love it and I always get a ton of compliments :P