Botkier Clyde Review

  1. I bought one of these, and it got here yesterday. I like it. The leather is stiff, and I'd imagine it will soften up. The bag is more structured that I would have thought. I think it is a really good weekend or casual Friday type of bag. I much prefer my MJ satchel, but I got a good price on the Clyde, and I really like the color. I do understand the pricing differential on some of these designer bags now, though. I paid significantly more for the MJ bag, but I do like it that much more. I might have been upset had I paid the full price for the Botkier, but I am pleased overall.
  2. What color did you get? I have the trigger in the pebbled leather. It's a great everyday bag for me that I don't have to worry about. I paid almost half price for mine that's why I'm happy!
  3. I got the Cognac. It is nice and neutral. I live in the Midwest, where Coach is king. So I do like the fact that I don't see these everywhere.
  4. I almost got the clyde in pewter. But it wansn't on sale so I passed. I know what you mean how Coach is king in the midwest. I visited last october, and it seemed to be the purse of choice!:P

    Post pics if you can. I'd like to see your Cognac!
  5. Did you guys find your bags heavy? I have a medium luxe trigger and it is quite heavy!
  6. I got a cognac clyde during the botkier sale too! hehe And i know what you mean about paying full price and not being happy about it. I really like it now though and hopefully it will getter softer with time :biggrin: .
  7. I paid 1/2 price for mine, but now that I have it I think it would be worth it at full price as well. It's a beautiful unique bag, and I couldn't be happier with it.
  8. Dani-Does the leather soften up? I am guessing it will, but I'd like to hear from someone who actually has a Botkier.
  9. I've had my Botkier Clyde for about 3 months, and the leather has gotten a bit softer since I first received it...however, I thought the bag had very supple leather to begin with!
  10. :smile: I honestly couldn't tell you, I've only had it for about a week, but it wasn't too bad to begin with. I really like the leather on it, actually.