Botkier Clutches

  1. Can any of the Botkier clutches be used as a wallet in the large Bianca?
    I was thinking of getting a Bella now, too big?
    On the Botkier site, has the Lola for sale, don't know how I feel about that.
    Where is the Botkier store in Soho? Are all the bags there? Bloomies only carries the Biancas, I'd love to see the Black Rose in person.
  2. I can only answer the first question about the bella:smile:. It would make a very bog and floppy wallet. It is smooshy like the bigger biancas. So it could be used inside a bigger bag but it would be big. Lovely little bag though. I'm personally not a fan of the Lolas, but the size looks a little better.
  3. I used to own the Bella clutch. I really consider it more of a small bag; not a wallet. It doesn't have the organization I would need (i.e., credit card slots) to make it a good wallet IMO.

    I have seen pics of a few other clutches and they are bags too. I haven't seen the Lola clutch though.
  4. I agree about the Bella clutch--I own two, and it wouldn't occur to me to use them as wallets. They're bulky (but in a good way!), with thick, smooshy leather and heavy hardware, and they're larger than your average clutch--about 6 inches tall and 9 inches wide. I usually use the strap because even as a clutch, they're kind of bulky to carry; they are hard to hold onto since they're way bigger than a hand.
  5. I agree - pretty bulky for a wallet (not only big in size but thicker than any wallet I've ever had). Also putting it inside another purse might bang up the leather or lambskin b/c most of them (from previous seasons anyway) were pretty delicate.