BOTKIER Christie hobo...Opinions?

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  1. What do you guys think of the botkier christie hobo in black? My sister wants a botkier for christmas and activeendeavors has a 20% off coupon right now. She is a pretty basic girl so I wouldn't want to stray away from black or brown, and she just got a brown kooba bag for her birthday. I think the christie is pretty unique looking with the crossed compartments, but I am not so sure about the whole hobo look...It's not too slouchy but I dunno, I feel like the whole long hobo look is kind of tired...What do you guys think?

    the sale is at ae, but i think Shopbop has a better photo:

    Botkier Bags C Hobo -
  2. Hi my boyfriend just picked up a Chrystie shoulder bag - (it's a little different, smaller i think, but similar)for me at the new york sample sale...He said he really liked that one out of all the bags he saw...i'm not overly familiar with botkier, but when i went on the website and looked at it...I really liked it. He said the leather is really really soft as well. Hope this helps!!!
  3. Wow!!! :nuts:

    I love the cross-over detail. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Very cool and different - it's the wrap dress of bags! :biggrin:

    ETA: To answer your question about long hobos looking 'tired' - there are plenty of types of bag that have been around for at least as long as the hobo (this time around).

    I, personally, think that whether a bag looks 'tired', or not, is as much in the detail as the genre. :yes:
  4. ehh.. Doesn't do anything for me. I have three of the triggers. And I like the other styles, but not this one.
  5. I'm with Chloe...I love the crossover effect. If your sister is a basic type person though, maybe the triggers would be better. Do they have them at ae? In black?
  6. It's a beautiful bag but I'm not sure how convenient it would be to use. Hmmm...not sure on this one.
  7. thanks for your help girls, I'm still really undecided. I am just as picky about buying bags for other people as I am about choosing them for myself! A lot of you mentioned checking out the trigger, but I couldnt find any sites that had it in black with a discount code. Also she has another purse that kinda has the moto/chic looking edge like the trigger, so I was hoping to find something a little different.

    the things is, i'm spending all this time focusing on botkier bags when now that I think about it, I don't really think she knows or cares much about the brand itself :rolleyes: , she just really hearts my bianca (the design is genius, who can blame her? ;) ) but i cant find it on sale anywhere and with it being the holiday season and all i can't really justify paying full price for it. Especially since i've already dropped a couple hundred on her for christmas gifts....damn december birthday girls !!!! errg, maybe I could get her the small bianca, or the bella clutch, that way I wont have to try to find them on sale, same style as my larger version, and she could use them for holiday parties? I dunno, what do you girls think?

    thanks again for your help!!!
  8. I really like the bag. I think what makes it so unique is the crossover effect. I would love to see one IRL to figure out how it works!