Botkier Cairo?????

  1. I just bought the small satchell in pony/brown - it should arrive in the mail in a day or 2. I wanted something larger but the price was :okay:. Now there is another one available in the copper. How small is this bag??? I need to know asap bc the other one might not be available long!
  2. Here is a pic of the Cairo (on the left). My other alternative is the small Sophie tote in grey (on the right). I love it but it would be a couple hundred more $$$.
    cairo.jpg cairo2.jpg
  3. There are 2 sizes of this bag (Cairo). A small and a Medium. I bought the medium one awhile back but wasnt for me. The bag is so cool because it has a really bulbous bottom (very structured). The depth is huge. The bag just seems like a big bulbous box to me. So the medium was huge so maybe the small will be okay for you. I just bought the Sophie in small and it should be here later today or tomorrow. I know the depth is not as deep on that one.

    The sizes on these bags drive me crazy. I was looking on Net-a -porter at Sashas and they listed small and larges. They showed 3 or 4 different versions and every single one ad different dimensions (even if they were the same size!). It's very hard for the online purchaser if you can't nail down a size. Some of the large ones had smaller dimensions than the small ones. Geesh!
  4. I wish I could find a photo of a person modeling it... it's nice!
  5. FYI...The Botkier site lists the Small satchel as 12 x 9 x 7 and the Medium satchel as 14 x 10.5 x 9.5. That 9.5 depth includes the front pockets I'm sure (which are like hard bubbles) but it's still huge. And it's funny because i LOVE very structured bags but this one was too structured for me. I think you did better with the small.

    Here's a pic I found on eBay of the bulbous bottom.
  6. I usually carry a lot of stuff and need big bags. I don't know if this would be big enough. 12" doesn't sound like a lot of room.
  7. 12 is usually a minimum for me, IF it has a large width. I have been using the wrong word here in my posts...LOL WIDTH, these bags have alot of width. I usually need a 14 to be comfortable but with 7 inches wide I would be okay. If you carry alot maybe you do need the Medium one.
  8. I loved the look of the Cairo so I got the medium. Very disappointed when I got it though. It's so structured and the bottom sticks way out from my side. Very awkward to carry. I had to return it. I got the small sophie satchel instead and LOVE it! Their looks are similar. Go to Active Endeavors and use "apologies" for 25% off.
  9. The Cairo is a nice bag, but I think it's meant to be carried as opposed to worn on the shoulder.

    If you want a large roomy bag, check out the Bryant's beautiful, roomy and can be carried in hand or on the shoulder no problem. I know someone who is wanting to sell their black Bryant (MINT), so PM me if you're interested.
  10. I called Botkier today and Jinnie told me the Cairo is more of a hand-held bag.
  11. It is more of a hand held bag but I always like the option of carrying it on my shoulder. The base is about 10", just looked too big as a satchel on me.
  12. I got it! It is cute. Soft, yet holds its shape completely. Not saggy and squishy or slouchy. I can wear it on my shoulder, handheld, or in the crook of my arm, and it is very light! I wil just stick with what I have and not get another in the copper color. The copper is beautiful, but I don't think I need 2 of these. Anyone who wants a good deal, here it is:

    auction #: 230205063976
    It is the copper small Cairo. It has quite a bit of room and is really nice.
  13. Looking back on my posts it seems like I'm badmouthing the bag. Really I'm not because it is a really different unique looking bag. While the bulgy bottom doesn't fit under your arm it does add a strange appeal to the bag. I bought the bag based on it's quirky looks. It's certainly nothing like you've seen before in a satchel and it will get some attention.
  14. No, Lexie, you are fine. You are right. It is not a squishable bag. The bottom stays firm and wide even when carried under the arm. it is a bag that will get noticed. I think the medium would stick out too far. This works fine for me, although if someone is really really picky they might not like that you will need to make a little room for the bag either under your arm or let the bag stick out behind your arm towards your back a little. Maybe i can get modeling pics up...