Botkier Cairo--Help!

  1. Here's another obsession of mine. I can't find it on any websites where I can use a code. Anyone know of anything? TIA!!!
  2. This seems to be the case with a lot of Botkier's fall bags--only on and some department stores:shrugs: Sorry I'm not more helpful! I'll let you know if I see it anywhere!
  3. PurseInsanity...did you ever find your tote? I see they are out at Active endeavors. I think this bag is lovely. I'd like a small or medium. Kinda pricy as usual.
  4. Thanks Lexie. I actually did order a medium Cairo in grey from AE a couple days ago, and was even able to use their code, so I got it for less than $600!! ($593 I think) But thanks so much for thinking of me! It's on its way now. :yahoo:
  5. Please Puleeeeze post some pics when you get it. I am wondering about the depth. I like bags with alot of depth. And also is the bag more structured as it appears. Trying to wait patiently...:smile:
  6. I've never posted pictures (not the most technically advanced person here!), but I'll definitely try when it arrives. Supposedly I'll get it tomorrow or the day after! One of you guys will probably have to talk me through it!
  7. I went ahead and got one too. It came yesterday. I bought the grey and this bag is nice sized. I can't imagine how big the large one is. The pic shown for grey on AE is not grey. It's brown. The Grey is the same color as the Bryant Hobo. It has a very large width. Very Roomy. A little luggage-like but attractive. The leather is smooth and stiffer (more structured) not soft and smushy like the Bryant.