Botkier Cairo Grey Medum Satchel $276.50 @

  1. Great deal! Somebody grab it pleeeeeze! I'm on a bag ban :noggin:

  2. So am I!!! I feel like a 'hit and run' driver...posting these sales as quickly as I can and then logging off. I'm hoping that someone with have bought the 'great deal' between my logging off and then back on again! HeHE! Whatever works-right?? We'll see how long this method works for me!! I simply have to resist the temptation. PLEASE SOMEONE BUY THIS BAG!:yes::yes::yes:
  3. It is a great price and grey is a nice neutral. I just sold 4 bags and my one neutral bag is a tan Kooba, but it is huge! I'm really tempted. I wonder what the return policy is for the discount... I'm going to look. Free shipping as well for UPS 2 day.
  4. Actually, on their page when you click on the item, it lists it as $237. I wonder if they'd refund the price difference....

  5. When I first visited that page, the amount that you saved from their first price reduction was in red print-$237.00.....The sale price of the bag was $553. Now when I return to that page, it looks as if they marked it back up to the full price of $790. WTF?? That sucks.:cursing::cursing: It also bring the sale price up to $395. I won't shop with a store that plays this game...sorry.
  6. ^ I saw that too. I was thinking of buying it, b/c I don't have any neutral bags except one, but I agree. Thumbs down for retail practices!

  7. That ticks me off....I am sending them an email and encourage others to do the same. It appears that once they realized there was interest in this bag, they jacked the price back up. Good way to lose business IMO!!
  8. I agree. I had the bag in my cart and went to office depot to get some pens. When I came back, the price of the bag was changed. :sad:
  9. I had this bag but returned it because the base was so wide it looked weird on my shoulder. I realize it's meant to be a satchel, but I like bags where if need be, I can toss them over my shoulder. It was very uncomfortable.
  10. Regular price... no sale =( bummer