BOTKIER Bryant Hobo - Must Have It!!

  1. I just saw the BOTKIER Bryant Hobo bag in the new issue of People Style Watch, and it's become my newest passion and must have bag. I only recently purchased my first Botkier (a Sasha Duffle in Black), and have discovered a new love!

    The Bryant is made from the same type of lambskin and it has the whip stitched handle. It also comes with those cute little charms - something I've never really considered before. Does anyone have this bag already?

    Anyone know whether or not it can be purchased anywhere that offers an online discount? I still have my Revolve New Customer 30%, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like they carry the Bryant. It specifically came up at Saks, NM and BG. I'm going to keep looking cuz I really want this bag (but can't really afford it at full price right now) - I'm thinking about getting it in grey - what do you guys think??

  2. Drool!!!!!!!! that is a gorgeous bag!
  3. Shopbop has it but they don't have any coupons right now. Maybe they'll have one in a few weeks for back to school? I'm not sure though.
  4. You've made a great choice, that is one of my favorite styles right now! Good luck locating one at a discount! :tup:
  5. Yeah, I'm drooling. I want the Bryant satchel though! For some reason, I'm obsessed with satchels right now. I don't think Botkier qualifies for the revolve 30% discount; I think it's one of the barred brands, unfortunately. I'm keeping my eyes open...if I see anything, I'll let you know!
  6. Hey...I found one for you! (Yes, I work fast!!) Anyway, they have it at and if you use the code "toutie" you'll save 20%!! AND they have your grey!!! Happy shopping. :happydance:
  7. Yes, sorry, me again. I also found it on Active Endeavors! And I believe you can get 25% off with "apologies". Even better! Yeah!
  8. that bag is beautiful! :heart:
  9. I really like the shape and the pockets.
  10. I just saw it at Nordstrom and it is adorable!
  11. Wow that is a fantastic bag. The color looks really unique and the charm is great! Hope you find the one you want!! GOOD LUCK!
  12. thanks for the codes! I think I'm going to order it from AE. The one thing I'm a little disappointed in, and I wonder why they switched, is that Botkier bags don't appear to be lined with suede any more. I wonder why they changed??
  13. Somehow it looks kinda green to me from the AE site pics?
  14. I really like that bag. It's a shape that will last.
    Happy shopping.
  15. That is simply stunning!