BOTKIER Bryant Hobo - Grey or Brown? Help me Decide!


Which color of the Bryant Hobo do you prefer?

  1. Grey

  2. Dark Brown

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I've decided to buy the Botkier Bryant Hobo. I saw it in the newest issue of People's Style Watch & just fell in love with it. I was all set to buy it in grey, when I stumbled across it in dark brown. Now I can't decide.

    I'm leaning towards the grey because I think it's such an awesome color - one you don't see too often. But problems with another grey lambskin bag (my Kooba Meredith) has me concerned about how the bag will wear.

    Help me decide, please!

    Here they are from Botkier's website (I think they grey looks better here):

    And here they are from AE's website (I think the brown looks better here):
  2. I vote grey!
  3. I second grey!
  4. I like the grey better. It is a more unique color than dark brown, also I believe it is the trend for this fall.
  5. I think grey looks better in picture but I like to see things IRL. Is your Meredith still usable? If so, maybe the brown.
  6. definitely grey!!!
  7. Go for the grey. The brown bag looks rather ordinary by comparison. Either's certainly a beautiful bag!
  8. Well, I'm no help - I love this bag - GET BOTH!!!!!
  9. Gray is the more unique color - plus I think it goes with a lot of different colors!
  10. I vote for grey too since you could see the details of the bag better than the dark brown.
  11. Definitely the's lovely!:tup:
  12. Gray; it's beautiful and you have to have the gray elephant! Also, the gold tone hardware warms it up and may make it possible to wear it with browns!
  13. I definetely like the brown better.
  14. You made me look at this. How weird is the hardware choice on these two bags, gold on grey and silver on brown? Seems like it should be the other way around. Oh and for myself, I like the brown better, but the grey is very nice. I've seen it IRL and it's very different from the Meredith
  15. Yes - I can still use my Meredith (even tho I haven't as of yet - too many new bags all at once!). It's just that there are a few areas on that bag (the Kooba) where the leather is spotted as well as one corner of the bag that looks a little worn (it's not - it's just the inconsistency of the lambskin). It would be nice to have a near "flawless" grey bag.