Botkier Bombay Satchel....Awwwwww!

  1. Gotta show you all this lovely thing. It really is a nice bag. Hubby calls it sturdy but likes the stud accents. It's very thich heavy leather and is going to age great when it gets scratched up. I love bags like this. This is rust Color. I am glad I got this over Oxblood. Shopbop for 458. Whattya think?

  2. It's a really nice bag!
  3. What a cool bag, I really like it!
  4. It's a beauty! I see that you're branching out some from your collection of Koobas. Very nice...I like it!
  5. wow! congrats!!! the leather looks so yummy and i love the brown tone :smile:
  6. That bag is gorgeous! Congratulations on your purchase!
  7. that bag is smokin!
  8. gorgeous
  9. Congratulations on the new's beautiful.

    I was wondering...I got the Botkier Crosby Hobo last week and the leather is a little rough looking. Does yours look like that? Your bag looks great in a picture as does mine, but I was wondering do all Botkier bags look like that? I'm not sure if I like the aesthetic. I'm undecided about whether to keep it.
  10. That is really cool!
  11. Yes, it does have a rough distressed look to it....and I am sooooo sad to announce that mine really looks distressed. I took it to church and Mom had a Coffee thermal cup with a lid. I though it was empty so I picked it up (Mom has arthritis and needs both hands to help herself up). I was carrying that cup and didn't realize it was splashing coffee all over my bag as I walked. I could have Cried! I ran home blotted and blotted then used some saddle soap, cleaned and buffed. Hubby says it doesn't look too bad. The leather is just darkened more in the cleaned area but so is it in other areas on the bag so I am hoping that the more I use it, let some water spots get on it it's all going to blend together. It is a rough and tough distressed leather anyway....BUT I keep my bags meticulous and this was only 1 day old!!!!
  12. Been there, done that!! Sorry for the accident. It's a beautiful bag. I'm sure it'll just add to its charm. :P
  13. I LOVE this bag! Congrats! I am thinking of picking up the tall bombay hobo and your pics just confirmed how beautiful their bags are. Sorry for the accident. I am sure with time the discoloration will blend in with the rest of the bag. Or you could clean and buff the entire bag to make it one color? Just a thought.

    Congrats again!
  14. OOooh it's really pretty!!:heart:
    congrats on a wonderful purchase :biggrin:
  15. Really pretty bag! Congrats on it.