Botkier Bombay Leather Tote 70% off @ NM!

  1. If that had a longer drop, I'd order it in a heartbeat but I just had to send a Hayden-Harnett purse back because it didn't fit comfortably on my shoulders. Is there anyone who really only carries a purse by hand?>
    Also, how did you get it to $162? When I searched the site, I didn't find that low of a price. Thanks.
  2. oh man idc, i still got it! where else will you find that bag for that CHEAP!
  3. I always wanted that bag in mahogany...
  4. There was, literally, one available-- I guess. I tried to buy this, right after the 'I got it' post and it was GONE!
  5. i know -- it's crazy. i wasn't even breathing when i purchased it. it happened in a flash --
  6. $162?? Congrats!!! That's an awesome price for a really nice bag
  7. Gosh, I wish I would have seen that. Drat.
  8. that's a great deal!
  9. I love that bag. What color did you get?
  10. RATS! :cursing: I would've LOVED that bag!
  11. Wow...what a great price!!! I have the Bombay hobo and get a ton of compliments when I carry it. ENJOY!
  12. 175$ with tax! thanks! i told my mom that if I don't love it enough, that I'll pass down the torch....but i'm not sure about that b/c i love botkier.