Botkier Bliss

  1. I went a little crazy but I can't get enough of Bot Bags. I bought a Nicole last week, and this week a Bronze Nomad and a Raisin Sophie. And I have a Smoke Cleo under the Christmas tree! I just got the Nomad today. I can't get over how lovely it is. I'm going out on a limb here and say I like it better than my Bianca. It's sturdier thick pebbly like leather and expandable front pockets that increase by an inch or so if you unzip the zipper around them.
    I'll post pics of the Raisin Sophie when it comes...and the Cleo.
    I'm not near the Sample Sales but I am benefiting from them for sure.


  2. I'm waiting on a Bianca and a Roxy, my first Botkier bags! I have to say, I've been wanting a Bianca for a loooong time now. When I first laid eyes upon a Botkier bag, it was on a display with some other brands and the Botkier just stood out. It looked so lush and rich. Oops! didn't mean to hijack your thread but I'm really excited about Botkier! I'm now looking at the Nomad and the Sasha!
  3. Please help me! I have gone eBay crazy and just got a Large Bianca in silver and a small Cairo satchell in pony hair. Now I want the small Sophie tote in gray. I really should not be buying all these as I have 2 small children and don't make much money. But I WANT!!! And my children don't lack anything such as clothes, food, medical, or a nice home. But I really should not be going into debt like this. Please tell me I should get the grey Sophie because it is on SALE 25% off!!
  4. So pretty! I have wanted the raisin Sophie for ages now! Was waiting to see if it would go on sale...unfortunately it didn't. I love the nomad too. Would love to see pics. Congrats on your beautiful bags :smile:

    I haven't heard anything about the online Botkier sample sale this season -- anyone hear when it might start?
  5. I got my Raisin Sophie on eBay from the same seller as the Nomad. 389 which I think is reasonable. I have heard that the Sophie has really soft delicate leather and scratches easily. I hope I can keep it looking good. I'll post pics when I get it (maybe on Wednesday).
    I think there already was a Botkier SS. This is where the seller of my 2 bags got hers and there is an influx of Bots on eBay, some saying they were bought at a SS.
  6. What a lovely bag, the color is stunning.
  7. Oh, I love the Botkier bags. I think they have a really great look with a downtown edge! I can totally see how they can be addicting! (I guess I'm not helping here, am I? LOL)

    Gorgeous bags, y'all!
  8. Lexie, I'm so excited for your new Botkier pur-cha-ses!! I just got a Bianaca, which I just love oh-so-much, but I'm looking forward for a Nomad later on in the future. Must see your new pics when you get them! Btw, that is one gorgeous color on that Nomad. Doesn't it just feel thick, sturdy, soft, and luscious?!

    Gettinpurseonal, I know there are plenty of Botkier lovers on this forum, but it's important to remember that deals will always come. Maybe not instantly, but they will. It's great that you can still fully supply your children with what they need now, but I believe as a family it's important to think further ahead and save for the future. You have some wonderful Botkiers to enjoy, and if you have the money then shoot for another one that you can love too. But I don't think it's worth straining yourself financially over. Sorry if this isn't what you're looking for, but it's just my opinion. No offense intended! Just keep the purse love healthy!:tup:

    Sorry Lexie for going off topic. Back to admiration :girlsigh:
  9. You guys have all gotten the Botkier bug, I love it!! Congrats on all your wonderful purchases and presents under the tree!
  10. You don't have to justify a thing! I'm a Mom too and just recently, I've let out my inner PURSE ADDICTION! For the past 7 years, I've taken a back seat to my kids...they look better than me! Well, now I look like a chic Mom again!!!!

    If you can get it at a deal then GO FOR IT!!!!! And DON'T FEEL GUILTY!!!! Moms have to look KICK ASS too!!!
  11. Congrats, Lexie! I too have been fiendishly craving Botkier... :lol: I will post pics of my own Botkier family tonight!

    And Contessa, I totally agree with you...For the past few years I have been focusing so much on my kids that I started to forget about myself as a person. While I still put my children first, I believe I should look and feel good too...and Botkier makes that so easy to do!:yes:;)

  12. Bagatella....I've seen your Botkier bags in another thread....they're BEAUTIFUL! I love the Sophie!!!!
  13. Congrats Lexie. I think you'll really like the Sophie. I love mine.
  14. PurseInsanity...
    How is the Sophie has far as leather? Easily scratched. Does it need babied. This Nomad is untouchable I think. Just the color and texture of the leather is not going to make it easy to mark it up.

    Looking Forward to the Spring Bots. I was very disappointed in finding out that Ltd Ed Hobo on the Botkier site was so small. I had my heart set on that one. I am looking for a nice Hobo. I had the Bryant Hobo and sold it and I had the Large Crosby Hobo which was difficult to get into. The thing with me is the bag has to be functional. No matter how beautiful it is, if it doesn't have ease of use, it's outta here.
  15. The Sophie has really soft leather to the touch...but it does seem to be easily scratched. I baby my bags though, so hopefully that'll prevent any major disasters, but you never know. It's somewhat structured, which I normally don't like, but I love the look of this bag!