Botkier Black Rose Satchel 50% off

  1. Hmmm, I wished I liked those colors... I've been really wanting one in Bronze (and they're so hard to find anymore!)

    Maybe I should settle for the Metallic Plum??? I don't think I can resist such a good deal! (Or does anyone know where I can find the Medium Satchel in Bronze on sale?)
  2. I just saw a medium satchel in Bronze on the Shopbop website. It isn't marked down as steeply as on Karizma, but you might want to search the Metallic Plum on old threads. I wanted this color also, but having read old posts kind of steered me away. Also, someone did have a little trouble with the return credit on her account from that online retailer. Hope this helps.
  3. ^Thanks, Tx Honeybee! I just checked Shopbop, and I got excited! (Do you know if Shopbop price-matches? I doubt it, though..) But I think I'm a little confused by what you wrote ^. Did you previously want the Bronze or the Metallic Plum? And why were you steered away? I tried to do a search, but I didn't get any results... Thanks again!...