Botkier Black Rose Large Satchel on Sale - $243.25!

  1. Bloomingdale's with additional 50% off! Here is the link:*1*24*-1*-1*10

    Botkier Black Rose Large Satchel

    Italian lambskin leather frame satchel with pushlock. Twisted leather and metal double shoulder straps. Ruched front exterior pockets. Detachable zip flower pouch. Inside zip and additional pockets
    • Catalog Item Number: 70390
    • Bronze (27)
    • 13" W x 12" H x 8" D
    • 10" drop from shoulder
    I added it to my cart and the 50% off worked. Hope someone can snag it!
  2. I tried it and got an order confirmed, but it won't be back in stock and delivered until February..let's see if I actually get it!
  3. As I suspected, the order was cancelled about 5 minutes after it was confirmed.
  4. LOL - and it still shows as available.....
  5. I have been looking to try out a Botkier and like the bronze color. I tried to order it for fun and it went through. Now I am just waiting for it to be cancelled.:yes: I still have a pair of boots that I ordered for 50% off that haven't been cancelled, but are scheduled to ship in February. Hmmm. I'm not holding out a lot of hope for either item!
  6. add me to the list.. waiting to find out if it'll be cancelled :sad:
    I love this bag....
  7. That stinks that they cancel so many orders! It was a beautiful bag! I LOVED Botkier!
  8. ok, I received the confirmation...... halfway there :smile:
  9. Well, I just got my cancellation notice. I guess it was just a matter of time. Oh well, on to find the next good deal!:yes:
  10. mine has yet to be cancelled..... fingers crossed?
    anyone else order it?
  11. Good Morning and Happy New Year's Everyone!!!
    I ordered 5 different bags in the past few days, three different vendors and spent countless hours on hold and talking to CS reps and one supervisor. Not one could give me a credible or sensible reason why all five were cancelled. Huge frustration and a total waste of time!!!:tdown:
  12. I just ordered one. We'll see if it gets cancelled too.
  13. My order was cancelled.:tdown:
  14. ok so I'm confused as to why mine hasn't got cancelled yet if everyone elses has? what does bloomingdales do --- randomly cancel people's orders? I ordered yesterday AM with others who have already gotten theirs cancelled... yet mine is still on order.

    Has anyone ever received a bag that was on order (the "expected in 44 days thing"..) or were they all cancelled?

    Also my confirmation has this info:
    price $243.25
    requested 1
    availalble 1
    ship date 02/29/2008
    ship method GROUND

    so does that mean they have one available for me or did everyone get this in their confirmation ?

    thanks again!!!