Botkier Biancia ~I know someone here asked

  1. Did they actually have one in stock? When you looked? You are sooo bad..

  2. Yes they did....I kept checking, hoping someone would get them. Shewolfy, you might want to check regularly for the next day or two. Sometimes that's when they come and go, like the Sienna's did. When I got my pearl cognac one from them it was PERFECT, no seconds or blemish at all, all tags, etc. I'll keep checking. :crybaby:
  3. Damn!! I even have room left on my NM card for it too!!! BOOO HOOOO HOOoooooo.. I called and they said that they're out. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:Email me if you see one. Did you get my other email?

  4. Yes...I was just going thru email after work (of course Purse Forum comes first, LOL) If I find another one I will PM you. I always look at that site a zillon times a day. :smile:
  5. If the seller is lninos, you can rest easy. That e-bayer has a sterling reputation, whether its Kooba or Botkier or whatever else they carry.
  6. I would only want it for the BG price... Otherwise it's too much for a bag I don't know too much about...
  7. I bought something from her/him last night! I feel totally safe that it's real. I wonder where they get the merch?? Someone work at a major store? The people that work at NM Last Call get 30% off the last price. I almost want to get a part time job there. :smile:
  8. I wonder what NM would do if they found out they had employees who were buying loads of stuff only to re-sell it on e-bay? Interesting legal/ethical question. It's possible they wouldn't care, or maybe they would. I think I heard that one of the major department store chains does have a couple of full-time employees that just work on selling their last remaining items on e-bay, photographing and listing and mailing out the items to the high bidders.

  9. OMG... I never thought of that. I do know some Goodwill stores do that in California.....can you believe that??? They even have an on line auction.

  10. OH MY.....that's where I want to work :graucho:...

    BTW Wolfy, the Botkier bag is incredible. First love is Koobas, but that Bianca is fantastic. Wouldn't mind getting a cherry one like someone in here bought. I bet it's a beaute!
  11. I think Lexie or Nunnla has one, but I don't think it's the cherry one.. Keep your eyes peeled for me!:yahoo:
  12. Sure will Shewolfy.....:smile: