Botkier Biance vs. MJ Blake - Please help me decide.

  1. I am looking at a like-new MJ Blake in teal and a new Botkier Medium Bianca in Denim (deep teal blue). I like satchels that fit over the shoulder and the deep teal color. Both are about the same price but the MJ is slightly more.

    Which would you purchase? Why?


    Marc Jacobs:
  2. Personally, I like the Botkier one more because the leather looks so soft and luscious. I find the Marc Jacobs bags a bit heavy for me since I usually load my bag up with junk! Let us know what you decide, they both look lovely and I adore the color!
  3. The Blake is more classic IMO. The Botkier looks more practical though. Tough one! Agree with the heaviness thing - I have an MJ Elise and it's a heavy little thing.
  4. In my opinion Botkier beats everything...always.
  5. Blake. While i like the Botkier, i hate the strap that goes over the top, seems inconvenient.
  6. Thanks for the input so far. Does anyone who what the MJ bag is lined in? I know the Botkier is suede.

    To update: I ordered the Botkier since Nordstrom has only one left in the entire US and I can't find it anywhere else in the medium size - even eBay. At least I can make sure I can get my hands on one of them while I think it over.

    I would love to find a blake so I can try it on and compare. Is Blake even a current style still? I'm not real knowledgable on MJ bags ... just have admired them from afar until recently.
  7. MJ, hands down! It's so much more classic.

    The Blake also has suede interior, and it is still a current style! :yes:
  8. My tomatoe blake is lined in a creamy-butter colored suede...The blake is a classic in the MJ line and every season different colors are produced..I think this spring/summer it is white (ivory) black and a taupe color.....Check the MJ thread for "07 spring/summer bags" by bag.lover to confirm...I really can't keep all the seasons straight but she can.....She is the MJ Goddess and will answer all of your questions about past season colors and availablity...She can locate a needle in a haystack...She has MANY contacts and is undoubtedly infamous when it comes to her knowledge base...As for the bag choice? The blake of course!! The Botkier is lovely, but I'm personally not a big fan...I like a bag that stands out there!! MJ bags have a way of doing this on their own....There are lots of pics of blakes in the reference thread on the MJ board....Check them out!!! Hope this helped..Good luck with your choice....!!! :heart: Emmy
  9. i love the Botkier gets my vote
  10. Bianca. It is so lovely in real life. Plus, I prefer the buttery leather of the Bianca over the thicker leather of the blake.
  11. I love MJ bags and have purchased a few of them and just recently discovered botkier...but I like the Bianca better it just looks more appealing...the blake just looks lacking for some reason. Just my opinion though...:smile:
  12. i have a botkier bianca and while i love the look and the feel of the leather, it wears pretty also comes with a tag explaining how the leather will "fade" is soft, buttery and holds a lot, but, i was a little disappointed with the wear...the denim colored one is made from a "tougher" leather...(i owned the bianca in denim and black) and may hold up better, but even that one comes with a tag that says the "blue color might bleed onto clothing"...i've never found that with any of my mj's...hope that helps..!
  13. I don't know anything about the bianca but I purchased my first Botkier a few days ago. The Bombay Bag! What a pleasant surprise! The quality is outstanding. I am a big Botkier fan now!
  14. I love the Botkier Bianca.. especially in that color! Where did you find it? Nordstrom?? I'm just not a fan of MJ bags w/ those buckles (all other MJ's I like). It reminds me of a men's briefcase. Nice color though.
  15. The Botkier wins my vote this time. I'm eyeing this bag too, I think its versatile and classic at the same time. Go for it!