Botkier Biance Large Satchel

  1. I took the plunge because I don't any Botkier bags and this looked like the one I had to have. Those 2 outside pockets are just crying out for my cell phone and keys. Does anyone else have the large satchel? I know the medium is popular as well. Eluxury only has the large in Dusty Gold with free shipping but I had to have black.
  2. I mean Bianca.
  3. Do you have pictures?
  4. Can you post a pic?
  5. I've got the Medium Black Bianca. I love it. It's very soft and squishy and I treat it with kid gloves. One good scrape across something like cement would tear it up. The leather is lambskin and it seems delicate. The pockets have ultra sturdy zippers and even though they look a bit like saggy boobs, they are great for cell phones and keys. My one negative is the turn lock flap that you have to undo to get to the top zipper but that's just me and doesn't bother alot of others. I use it for more dressy occassions as I don't have any other black bags. I only need one. I'm not a lover of black. I had originally ordered the dusty gold and changed it when someone said the metallic finish was wearing off it after a small amount of use. The large bag would be a monster to me but I think you'll love it. It's lightweight and very pretty.
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  6. I have the small satchel that I bought this week. I carry it around most of the time. Love it. Initially I bought the chocolate coloured one made of goat skin, but it was fraying on the handle so I returned it for the black one which is made of lambskin and is black.

    The reason why I love this purse is because it is similar in design to my favourite LV bag, the lenor which they no longer make and it is a good purse to go out in.
  7. Thank you. When I was in NYC last month I saw the bag being carried a looked very practical and chic at the same time.
  8. here is an authentication question for you girls. i have not seen the botkier bianca in person...only the bella clutch. is there a 'botkier' plaque inside of the bianca syle, below the inside zipper pocket? i know there is a plaque on the outside, on the side of the bag, but i am wondering if there is one on the inside as well...after having looked at photos of bianca's on ebay. thanks for any help!
  9. thanks so much for the pic!
  10. does Nordstrom carry botkier? do you guys know any other dept stores that carries the brand?
  11. this is one of those bags, i want but then i have doubts about. i saw a large on ebay a few days ago in like a camel color...and it was used. man these do not wear well! :wtf:
  12. But then I think it depends on how a person treats their bags. I have friends who have dirty scratched up purses. They throw them on their dirty car floors, lay them on the ground, etc. I think most of us who love bags have a healthy respect for our bags. My bags have kept very well, but I take care of them. I don't allow children to get into them with dirty hands. I don't put unwrapped food into them, or any food at all. I hang them when at home and don't leave them on coutertops. I think a good quality bag that is taken care of will last.
  13. not sure if Nordstrom carries botkier...have never seen them there. i know Neiman Marcus, bergdorf, and saks carries them...they are on their websites too.
  14. i agree about the treatment of the bag. also, i have noticed that the "metallic" colors don't wear as well. i have the bella clutch in candy pink...other colors from clothing rub off onto it.