Botkier Bianca

  1. I bought Botkier a couple of days ago. I was so happy and shocked that I spent that much money.

    I have sprayed the interior and exterior with leather protector and suede protector (for the interior).
    After discouvering this forum and did a search on Botkier, I can't help but wonder if I made a mistake on purchasing it. Some comments I have read was that their new bag destroys very quickly because the leather is very soft.
    The pictures below is the exact one that I got. Because I spent quite a bit on this purse and knowing I can't return it (and I still really love this bag because of all the compartments and I love the colour) can anyone give me advice on how to keep this bag in good condition?

    I travel a lot on the train, I have to walk outside for 30 minutes to get to work also and I am afraid that people who normally push me because of high traffic/rush hour may scratch my bag. Also, I can see that the handles would get very dirty.
    What brand of leather products should I buy to keep this in good condition? Does anyone recommend a good high-end purse cleaner in Toronto area?

  2. Don't worry so much. I also have the Bianca in the soft lambskin and so far it's holding up great. I am careful, but have accidentally brushed up against a wall or two but nothing. If something happens, there are threads out here that talk about professional purse repair places. Enjoy your bag. I love the Bianca, it's fabulous quality and I feel great every time I use it.
  3. Thank you DiamondGirl1
  4. your bag looks great. very very pretty in python.
  5. Thanks, should I use it now or wait for to start using it in March or April?
  6. This bag is gorgeous! I'd want to start using it now cause it's so pretty!
  7. Very pretty bag! That's actually the exact Bianca I wanted to get. In regards to the handles, I would try to carry it on the arm rather than by hand to avoid stains.
  8. Thank you, but in the summer, we will be wearing short sleave. I think that will be the most difficult time to keep it clean.:sad: