Botkier Bianca turnlock fell off...

  1. It was a SS purchase but I called Botkier and spoke with Jinnie. She gave me a RMA number and I'm going to send it to be repaired at my expense. I hope after the shipping and the repair, I come out ahead...

    I carried her for the first time yesterday.
    botkier bianca broken turnlock.JPG
  2. That totally sucks the bag (no pun intended!)

    I hope it gets fixed soon. :sad:
  3. sorry to hear about your bag. has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? I was under the impression that Botkier is supposed to be of very good quality.
  4. Hope it all turns well for you. Did you ask them how much it would approximately cost?

    Btw, that is one gorgeous color :drool:
  5. Jinnie couldn't give me a price but she estimates between $35 and $75. AND it's gonna take between 6 and 8 weeks. I guess I'm lucky that they're willing to repair it?
  6. I am sorry your bag broke. Doesn't seem right that you have to pay to have it repaired. seems they should do that. I just received a cherry bianca myself but havent carried it yet. What color is yours? it looks purple in the picture, if it is purple I am in love :love: and have to have it!
  7. I guess since it was a sample sale bag, I should be thankful that they're willing to repair it and if it's no more than $75, I'll still be ahead. It's the large cherry Banca.
    Botkier, large cherry Bianca.JPG botkier bianca broken turnlock.JPG
  8. I know its a sample sale piece, but I think its ridiculous that they are making you pay to get it repaired. I know Botkier is supposed to have great quality, but the only piece I own I had probelms Clyde (pale gold) had a small part where the leather stretched and revealed the white underneath. I got it for practically nothing at a boutique so I just kept it- since the color is so light and meatllic, you cant really notice anyways. I have always been cautious to buy another Botkier and this is definitely making me steer clear. I hope everything works out and I hope they dont charge you much!
  9. I totally agree. They are supposed to be samples, not defective... Sorry this happened to you.
  10. Shipped it off to Botkier yesterday for $22.00, I should get it back by the end of February 2008!
  11. Agree the repair should be free. Either you stand by your product or you dont- regardless of where it was sold or how much it was sold for. Unless you've had it over a year, then I can understand them charging for a repair.
  12. I can't believe they are charging you for the repair; at least they could offer you free shipping! I'm really sorry that that happened to you, though; I'm really abusive with my bags and have never had any problems with my beloved bianca.
  13. I'm sorry about your bag.... :sad:
  14. This is the first negative ANYTHING I have heard about Botkier. At least we know there is something.
  15. I got it back yesterday, good as new and the repair was $25. I am so a fan of Botkier!