Botkier Bianca - too high maintenance?

  1. Is this style too soft and high maintenance? I'm thinking of buying one but wondered how hard wearing it is? Thanks
  2. It is very soft lambskin. It is more fragile than other leathers. My bag I've had maybe 8 months and still looks perfect. It depends on how you use your bag. Are you hard on them and wear them everyday in and out for a long time? I rotate my use of bags weekly and take in consideration what I am going to do that day. The Bianca is beautiful but not the kind of bag you can rough it with, or throw around. I have a Dooney All leather bag that I have deemed my roughin it bag. If it gets scratched up the Vintage leather doesn't look totally trashed.
  3. Hmmm, it would be my main bag, and I have a toddler. My day bags have to be a bit hard wearing, I have high maintenance ones for the evening.
  4. Probably not the Bag for you Clare. You need a sturdier leather I would think and something that could handle Baby supplies. I think a Dooney Vinatge bag would serve your needs and the price is good too. Then maybe you could buy a Bianca for special times.
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  5. ClareBC, I don't havea Bianca but I've seen it in really is a gorgeous bag!Lexie is right...the Bianca leather is a lil more fragile than normal...looks like it can flake even! So probably not the bag if you want a day bag w todler stuff. I can relate to you coz I've a 2 yr old and have to take her stuff into consideration...
    The large Bianca is huge tho & wld make a great day bag...but I like the small (medium??)... just nice.Botkier's F/W selection looks nice/sturdier it out yet in UK?Maybe you can wait?
    Hope this helps :smile:!