Botkier Bianca Small/Medium

  1. Does anyone know if the Botkier Bianca Small Satchel can be used on the shoulder?
  2. I'm curious about this as well, I think that the medium is a little too large for me and I like the size of the small, but if you can't fit it on your shoulder...
  3. I have a medium and two larges, no smalls, so this is just going on measurements. The medium fits VERY comfortably over my shoulder. The drop could be a few inches shorter and still could fit. It looks like the drop of the small is 1/2"-1" shorter than the medium (depending on which site), so it should fit over the shoulder. Hopefully someone with a small can verify this...
  4. The strap drop on a small Bianca is around 6.5 inches; I can wear it over my shoulder, but how comfortable it is would be a matter of personal preference.
  5. I can wear it (small bianca) on my shoulder (I'm a size 2) but the outside strap keeps slipping off so I tend to carry it in my hand instead. I exchanged the small for a medium bianca but still have the same strap/shoulder problem.
  6. i tried a few motnhs ago, i could if i only have a tshirt or something thin on
  7. The small is not nearly as conducive to being worn on the shoulder as the medium is.
  8. I can wear the small over the shoulder with a thin jacket at the most. A winter coat? No way.