Botkier Bianca Satchel Grey Snakeskin

  1. Do any of you own a Botkier Bianca in Grey Snakeskin, if so what do you think of the bag? I overheard some people saying that it has "yellow" undertones after use, is this true or do you think that this maybe a knock-off? The photos that I've seen don't appear to have any yellow but I could be mistaken. :smile:
  2. I have never heard that, but I'd be curious to know this as well....all the photos I have seen of it..none appear yellowish.
  3. I've seen one at the previous sample sale. I didn't notice a yellow undertone, or I was too busy to notice it. But when I touched it, it was very rough and not smooshy at all. Maybe it was a bad one, but that's my experience with it.
  4. ^^I thought the same was on my list when searching for a gray bag, but when I tried it on in person I didn't like the leather at all. I own and appreciate Botkier, but this bag was hard and not appealing to the touch, IMO.