Botkier Bianca/Rebecca Minkoff MA Woes.

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Which Botkier Bianca AND Rebecca Minkoff MA would you keep?

  1. Rebecca Minkoff MA Regular Size

  2. Rebecca Minkoff MA Mini Size

  3. Botkier Bianca Large Size

  4. Botkier Bianca Medium Size

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  1. Double poll included! ^ Please choose two options for the two bags you would keep

    Hi, Im having major problems with making a handbag decision with the sizes of the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Dark Gray and the Botkier Bianca in Gunmetal. In fact, Im having so much of a problem, that I went ahead and bought each bag in each size. So now, I have a medium and large Botkier Bianca in Gunmetal and a regular and mini Rebecca Minkoff MA bag. I have about a week to make up my mind and Im sure I can return the two bags which I dont need. The problem is that I dont know which ones I need yet! I think they both look great in the bigger and smaller sizes. I am going to keep one of each bag, I just need help figuring out which ones! Please help, I need to return the unwanted two soon to get a refund!

    Length X Height X Width

    Regular Morning After
    14 X 9 X 8

    Mini Morning After
    12.5 X 7 X 5.5

    Botkier Bianca Large

    16 X 12 X 15

    Botkier Bianca Medium (This pic is not the gunmetal version but is very similar)

    14 X 9 X 5
    AC1205_front.jpg AC1204_front.jpg botki1003010579_347x683b.jpg botki1005012867_347x683b.jpg
  2. I have a medium Botkier Bianca in chocolate that is perfect for me. In fact when I got it, I was glad I hadn't ordered a large. I used to have a Rebecca Minkoff MA but sold it because although I like big bags, it's shape was just too square for something that large. I think the mini for me would be right. Regardless, both bags are great and the leather on each is wonderful.
  3. i have 2 medium biancas and love them

    to me the large one throws off the great shape of the bag

    and the biggest thing for me is that the shoulder strap drop is the same on the med. and large biancas and to me why do i want a giant bag that i cant put that much in cause it wont go comfortably on my shoulder?
    :smile: i would rather have the medium size which is the perfect crook of the arm/hand held bag! :smile:

    as far as RM i havent ever had one so i am a bit biased hehe
  4. Once you receive them post pictures! What makes you comfortable. How much room do you need. I am petite so the mini RA is really like a med-big bag for me. Any bigger and it looks like luggage. They see the person not the well dressed person. It's alot of money either way. Purchase what you:tup: love!:yahoo:
  5. I voted for the mini RM and medium botkier. I think the mini is SO much better, the regular morning after just looks so overpowering and big. Not a big fan of Botkier so dont have a strong opinion about medium/large.
  6. I voted for mini RM because it's a handbag, so if it gets heavy you can't just fling it on your shoulders. I've never owned one, but that's just the way I think. Then I also voted for the med. Bianca because I think it's the perfect size for many occasions. Not too big, not too small. Just perfectly right to fully compliment its shape.
  7. I like the mini MA size best. The regular size MA was a bit too big (depth) and the bottom of the bag would sag more with your stuff inside it. The mini is the perfect size for this bag.
    As for the bianca, either would work. I would say if you keep the mini MA, keep the large bianca, then you would have a "small" and large bag to alternate btwn. you really can't go wrong with anything you choose tho!
  8. I have the MA mini and think it's the perfect size for me. I'm almost 5"4 and I think the MA regular would be odd looking on me. Along the same vein, I'd keep the medium Bianca. You're so lucky to have it in gunmetal, I couldn't find it in any of the stores near me!