Botkier Bianca question

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  1. Can anyone please tell me whether or not the Bianca bag is a permanent bag or a limited edition? :shrugs:

  2. Can't tell you that, but I have got one in black in medium since this March, and have been carrying it to death. Love the lush soft lambskin, ultra lightweight, the security of all zip closure (great for traveling). Brought it with my for all my trips including Italy, Switerland, Japan, Thailand. Definately a keeper.
  3. I'm going to purchase this bag but need help picking a color. I'm torn between denim, toffee and black. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!
  4. I have the medium size bianca in rust and I love it! I use it ALL the time. It's really functional and even though the leather is a soft lambskin its held up really well...I've been using mine for a few months and I don't baby my bags but it still looks great

  5. i just purchased a bianca in black about a month ago and it is to die for! the problem is, the lambskin is so soft and delicate i have been scared to use it as an everyday bag for fear of ruining the leather. I have only used it 3 times since i bought it because of this fear....I love the size and design and would love to use it more, but have stuck to my super sturdy and durable kooba bag for everyday use instead.

    Am I being to cautious? Those of you who have owned your Biancas longer, are the tougher then they seem?
  6. I sold mine for this very reason. I was scared to death to use it. I knew one scrap against something rough and it was ruined.
    I also did not like having to unflap the turnlock strap in order to get into it. I like bags that are easy in and out. That is why I thing a Paddington & Mulberry Roxanne is out for me. I love the looks but functionality is more important to me.
  7. when i was using my bianca regularly, i'd stuff it in my (very small) locker at work and it would still look great. don't be afraid of using it, it help up exceptionally well for me.
  8. lexi200-

    Thanks for the info.After reading your post and doing some research on some threads, I think my fears are definatley validated. The general consensus seems to be its a great dressy/special occassion bag but not at all practical for everyday use. The turnlock flap hasn't really been an issue yet for me (since i have only used it 3 times for maybe and hour each), but I can see why that would also create an inconvenience for everyday use. Since I bought the bag on the premise that it would be my new fall/winter staple bag, I think I may have to follow your lead and let it go. At $600+ i think i ought to be getting a little more use out of a bag. I am now considering the Botkier Christie hobo or the CC skye handbag (both in black), although I don't know much about those bags either. May have to end up sticking with the tried and true Kooba (sloane,lena)in the end...

    If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them. I'm really in need an everyday black bag....:sad:
  9. ^^ If you're going to be afraid to use it, then def get rid of it and get something that you'll use and get your money's worth. I just got the med Bianca in black for a cross country trip. I must admit it did hold it really well in the airport, plane, and everywhere else. When I was walking through the airport, I had to maneuver through a tight space and accidentally scraped my bag against a jagged concrete pillar. I thought for sure it would be damaged as the noise sounded horrible. To my surprise, not even a minor scratch was detected. I think it holds up better than people think. I think the soft lambskin leather throws people off.
  10. Okay, after seeing yours and another users testimonials on the surprising durability of the bag, I was completley torn. However, because I am so in love with the design, I have decided to keep it. There is no denying that lambskin is more fragile than calf skin and is more suseptable to staining and or/rips tears, but I take good care of my bags and if i am careful then i think it will be okay for more frequent use. If it gets damaged in the process, well then lessoned learned right? Selling the bag and then trying to find a new more durable bag that i love just as much would require more time and money anyways. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! I'm going to rock my bianca to work for the first time tomorrow:yahoo:
  11. Yay!! I don't think you'll be disappointed. Yes, lambskin takes more diligence than regular leather but as long as you're not excessively rough on your bags, you will be fine! I'm glad you're going to take her out for a spin again! I find myself petting my bag while driving (neurotic as that sounds):shame: .

    It's just a keeper for me...I can't wait for her to meet another love of my life - LV Saleya PM:heart: :heart: :heart: :P
  12. Alright you ladies convinced me to get one also...I had been eyeing the large Bianca in concord...just as I would make up my mind, sites would sell out. Finally found it just now and took the plunge..I hope it's everything you all say ... I love the look of it... Now I have to wait for it to arrive!
  13. I have the medium in Navy. So far, I am loving it! The leather is beautiful and I love all of the cool details on the bag. I highly recommend it. :smile: