Botkier Bianca problem

  1. Hi everyone! i have sort of a silly question about my Botkier Bianca satchel that I just bought, but I would really appreciates anyone's opinions... Do you think it is bad if one of the pouches is more wrinkled or is deeper ingrained than the other pouch, which is pretty smooth?? I am totally obsessing over this little detail, so would love if somebody (especially someone who owns a Bianca themselves) could assure me that it is not a big deal! Thank you!! :confused1:
  2. hi nichols! i have a bianca and i love it. i think it would be fine having the other pocket more wrinkled. once you put stuff in there anyway, the leather should smooth out eventually. having said that though, i haven't seen the bag so if you can, i recommend posting pics. :smile:
  3. hi! i've had two bianca satchels and am now getting my third! (just sold one on eBay to get another one!)...i know their leather and it's just the grain...if you're not going to be happy with it, i'd return it, but i know it's fine! enjoy!
  4. One of my pockets was wrinklier than the other. You are going to find all these grain differences on leather bags. But if it bugs you (and believe me I know how I can obsess over one tiny anything on my bag) then return it.
  5. Now that you mention it, my bianca bags left pocket is more wrinkled than the right. It doesnt bother me though. I got it at the beginning of dec and i still have the pockets stuffed with the paper it came in. Its probably not helping the pockets much but im too parinoid to take them out lol.