Botkier Bianca or Kale Tate

  1. So far, I like both. I do want a nice lining, beautiful leather and gold colored hardware. So...should I buy one of these? OR...go on a purse ban until I have enough to pay cash for a Spy?
  2. pictures of kale tate?
  3. I'd go on a ban for the Spy!
  4. The Botkier Bianca! The leather is wonderful.
  5. Sorry, here are pics of Bianca from and Tate from What's a girl to do?
    Botkier Bianca.jpg Kale Tate.jpg
  6. How strange, I'm having the same debate. I want the Bianca in black and the Tate in navy, (slowly to self) can only get one, can only get one, can only get one :confused1:
  7. I love the Bianca. The leather is so soft and the interior is wonderful too. I like the bone because of the brushed hardware. There are a few good ones on eBay.
  8. What are we gonna do? Have you seen each IRL? The way I'm thinking...I'll have to wait a couple of months for the Spy but I can order one of these NOW!

    Buy maybe the Spy will satisfy me completely. After all, I've been considering getting one for awhile now :confused1:
  9. Tate.

    The style should last you through several seasons.
  10. ^^^You're right BrownPaperBag, Tate does have a more classic look.

    Now I'm looking on eBay and trying to keep a promise that I made (to myself) to not shop there anymore. This is so hard! LOL
  11. I haven't seen either in real life. I keep meaning to stop by Saks or Neimans and look for the Botkier. I'm on a ban until after September (at least that's what I told myself after I bought 6 bags in less than 4 weeks). Then I can purchase a darker colored bag for winter.

    Do you have a picture of the spy that you're spying on (ok, that was cheesy, I admit it)? :p
  12. I didn't think twice about the Bianca until I saw it in person. The leather is what sold me on it. I think its as soft as my Spy.

    What color/size are you looking for?
  13. Is your bianca heavy? I carry a lot of junk in my bag, so I need the bag itself to be fairly light.
  14. Though I like Botkier bags a lot, I'm a fan of the look of the Kale Tate more than the Bianca. For some reason, the look of the Bianca doesn't do it for me, though I hear the leather is so soft. I just think the structured look of the Tate is more formal and will last for more seasons. Just my own opinion.
  15. Its very light! Plus it has lots of pockets for all that junk. :yes: