Botkier Bianca Medium Satchel

  1. I scored this white Botkier Medium Satchel at $208.
    This will be my first Botkier if I decide to keep it.
    I like its style (especially two pockets in front..very practical) but don't like the color as I already have three white bags.... Is there anyone who has this bag or any Botkier bag? Are you happy with Botkier bags?

  2. where did you buy this bag for $208?!?!?
  3. I have a Trigger Turbo, a Devon Clutch and a Fan Hobo. I love them. They're beautiful bags. The bag you ordered is well worth $208. Enjoy it.
  4. OMG, what a great deal you got. Congrats! I have 3 bianca's - gold, white and silver and I love them all. The leather is so soft and the bag is so practical. The 2 pockets in the front let me store my keys and phone and the main compartment has all these little slots on the side. I think it's a great bag.
  5. wow thats a great deal..I have one black trigger and nude python small bianca...i love them both=) def well worth your money enjoy!
  6. I bought it at Bloomingdales yesterday for $171 plus tax and received a $15 giftcard as well.
  7. which bloomie?
  8. woah $171? i would like to know as well=)

  9. San Francisco
  10. Hi, I have the Cream and gold bag ur referring to. Gorgeous, spacious, the only problem ive found is that it discolors easily. i dont know ohw to fix this, but the bag is so gorgeous i almost dont care.

    congrats on a great deal!
  11. Wow! You really got a deal. Is yours white as well? I'd love to have one of these bags but preferably a large and not white. But for $171...I'd be more open minded. Now I guess I'll have to go to bloomies today.
  12. It is tan/brownish and I'm excited to start using it today.
  13. What a great deal, I have one in taupe color which I got it at 10% while back ago. It's one of my favorite bag.
  14. OMG you're killing me.....I was on the hunt for lighter brown one (lighter than what they call chocolate which is very dark brown)...couldn't find anywhere except for Botkier company for full price.
    You got a great deal!