Botkier Bianca Let Down

  1. I was in Jasmine Zola over the weekend...they are closing and are having some really great deals. I was strolling through the isles when my eye caught a red beauty. I didn't even have to get super close to know that it was the Botkier Bianca Large Satchel that I have been eyeing online FOREVER! I hadn't seen on IRL until then so I immediatly grabbed it and tried it on. To be honest, it wasn't what I expected. It was nice and the leather was divine, but I wasn't awed and :drool:. It seemed kind of average and nothing really struck me like it did online. I am glad however that I saw one and was able to make this decision before paying for it and then having to return it. It was in Cherry and that was a color I was debating. I was bummed though because I have wanted one for a while...


    now I guess I will have to drool over the Botkier Zoe! :wlae:

    Just thought I would let others know...go see the bag IRL if you can change your decisions!! :p
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't like it. Luckily, with Botkier, there's something for everyone! The Zoe may be another source of temptation for me....

    How much was the Bianca on sale?
  3. Thanks for sharing that information...I've been eyeing the same bag in Olive,now I'm convinced I need to try it on irl before ordering it.
    I'm sorry you didn't like it though...I know you've been wanting it for awhile.
    Well,onto another bag it is!
  4. haha yes on to another one indeed!!! I really want to Anna Corinna Jet Setter, seen it IRL and LOVE IT!!

    On sale the bag was $ is usually $695...good price, but I didn't love it
  5. What? The chain is closing? Or just that particular store?
  6. hey,do you live in boston? i was in jasmin and i seen the same botkier cherry bianca too..was it in chesnut hill store?
  7. No I live on the North Shore...saw it in the Burlington Mall

    And all of the Jasmines are closing here...I think I heard they went under...
  8. Does that mean the biancas are on sale??

    My coworker has the medium sized one and I adore it! I hope to find one at a good price one day.

    To each their own!
  9. Agreed! I actually had the opposite experience... for the longest time I never understood the appeal of the Bianca from pictures, but after seeing one IRL I fell in love with the function and smooshy lambskin- now it's one of my favorite bags! :love: This goes to show that it really helps either way to see bags in person :smile: Hope you find what you love, princessaj0603!!!
  10. ^thanks!! me too!!!!