Botkier Bianca large - will price come down?

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  1. I'm contemplating purchasing a large Bianca in the chocolate color for full price. These bags seem to be scarce in the large size. Stores and websites have the medium but not large. I'm wondering if I should grab it at full price before they are all gone everywhere or if since they are apparently being discontinued they may soon go on sale. I've seen odd colors on sale but not the chocolate. Don't like paying full price but also don't really like waiting or missing out on something I want. Anyone have opinions or expertise on this type of situation? Thank you.
  2. They might come down a bit but at the very least, you can always use a coupon code. Try - she always has lots of coupons. And then of course, you can always use a 30% off new customer discount code at Good luck! :yes:
  3. Oh that is a hard one. I lucked out and got a large bone Bianca for 55% off in June from Saks (great summer bag) but I haven't seen a large Bianca in any other color at that price. Maybe you should do as jadejett said and use a coupon code now just to be on the safe side. Sorry, not much help!
  4. In the older colors they will probably be reduced, but for the newer colors I wouldn't expect any discounts any time soon. You can always shop around for websites that sell them and also offer coupon codes. What color are you looking for?

    Rapunzel's Closet has a large grey snake and large pearlized cognac
    and you can use toutie for an extra 15% (or wait until they offer their 20-25% off promotional period, which happens every couple of months)

    JCMadison has large chocolate, pearlized cognac, and bronze with 20% off using code TOUTIE

    Active Endeavors has large chocolate and black and 20% off with code toutie

    ADASA Hawaii has large black and olive for 20% off with code grechen20

    Hope this helps! :yes:
  5. Thank you ladies. That is so nice of you, lithiumpearl, to give me all that info. I was looking for chocolate andit looks like I could get at JC Madison (seems like Botkier large Bianca is excluded fromo discounts on Active Endeavors). I usually prefer to shop at stores where I can see and touch the merchandise and easily return it if I change my mind. But in this case 20% equals $140. Maybe I should think about it.
  6. You know, it says Botkier is exempt from discounts at AE, but it worked for me just the other day. My bag's on its way and they emailed me my invoice with the reduced price. Why don't you at least try it? It's "apologies" at AE for 25% off!
  7. I am looking for medium in cherry. Does anyone know who has them in stock? I can not find it any where.

    TIA !
  8. No problem. Definitely think about it, and get to a Nordstrom or Neiman or some other department store to check it out if you can. Before I bought my pearlized cognac bianca I had to go to Nordstrom first to handle it and see how it looked on my shoulder before I actually decided to get it online using a discount code. And I'm so glad I did because it's my favorite bag -- so stylish and functional.
  9. Do you have the medium of the large? I did check them out at the store and thought the large would stay on my shoulder better than the medium.
  10. I actually got the small, which is a really hard size to find. I'm a really tiny girl and even the medium was a bit too overpowering for me. However, I do remember the straps of the medium staying on my shoulder better than the small one, so if that's any indication, I think you are wise to go with the larger one.
  11. revolve has medium cherry biancas also, although I can't remember if botkier is allowed with their 30% off code or not.
  12. Shopbop has the medium cherry as well but no discount. I have seen the cherry in person and it's too hot pinkish for me. Have you considered chocolate?
  13. Really? I haven't seen one in person. Now I started considering about getting Coach Carly leather in Chili/red. I can't make up my mind.Only I know for certaitn is I want RED medium size satchel or shoulder/tote type bag. I can't afford Balenciaga right now since I just got Chanel reissue Caviar Black tote.

    Any suggestion?
  14. I saw one yesterday at Nordies Fashion Valley San Diego store.