Botkier Bianca in Purple! Wow!

  1. Check this out....purple bianca on for $595 and 20% off with code TOUTIEJAKE . Wow, it's beautiful -thought I'd post it for you Botkier fans....
  2. great color! i'm also drooling on the gryson olivia & botkier bella clutch :P
  3. Is this site legit?
  4. I own the Bianca medium in black with gold hardware. I love it. I'm looking for the trigger satchel in purple or green. If anyone happens to see it anywhere on sale PM me. Thanks!
  5. I'm pretty sure this site is legit, but I've never ordered from them. I know they have established retail stores, so I imagine they would be. And that bag is wonderful. I'm loving purple! Such a trendwhore...
  6. If it was the large Bianca, I would already have it on the way...I'm loving it too and may have to break my purse buying ban..checked the Botkier site but it isn't there....wondering if this is part of their holiday collection....
  7. totally legit. they're in chicago.
  8. They do have it on the Botkier site. There is a button on the front page for the holiday collection. Unfortunately it only comes in medium, not large.
  9. That's a great color! With a black outfit, how glamorous would that look?!
  10. Love that color!! :love: I would get it if I didn't already have a plum Anna Corinna.
  11. hmm, i'm actually considering snapping this one up! i was going to get the bianca in black, but the purple seems so much more interesting.

    are you guys sure you don't think it's TOO purple? i normally would go for a darker, more subtle eggplant or something...this one's definitely purple. thoughts?
  12. I love the colour. :heart:

    Beautiful with black, or grey, or brown. :yes:
  13. just saw the concord color at Nordstrom, those pics on shopjake's site do NOT do it justice. seriously, just a stunning bag - a much deeper purple than in the website pics. and the leather must be dyed differently because it's even softer than the black (if that's possible)....i was amazed at how soft it was.

  14. ShopJake is legit and great to deal with. I bought my smoke Gryson Skye from them. Looks like maybe this bag is gone now, though... Hope one of you got it!
  15. Agreed.

    Was in Nordstrom SF today and it's gorgeous. Soooo soft!

    I emailed Botkier earlier this week about the colour and they said it was a wine-red. But in person it is more of a deep purple (like shoppingsmycard said).