Botkier Bianca in Black

  1. I should have purchased this bag for full price when I saw it, but did not. Now I can't find it in black, anywhere, in the medium or large size. It's totally off of the website at Nordstroms, botkier, etc..ugh. Does anyone know where I can find one (not e-bay, please)? Thank you!
  2. Grab it while you can! I "think" if I remembered correctly they are not making this style anymore? Or was it the trigger? But regardless it is a difficult bag to obtain!
  3. I'm pretty sure they already stopped making the trigger and I also heard that they were discontinuing the bianca - snach a black one while you can! And I totally get it about not wanting to go to eBay - I have recently seen 2 black biancas that were dirty and ripped sell for $$$! Crazy! I just ordered an olive one full price from Saks and I love my cherry one! And one word of advice about the patent ones, if you haven't seen them IRL or can't return them online, I wouldn't order one. The patent feels really plasticy and no where near as fabulous as the regular lambskin! Hope that helps!
  5. Thanks, everyone. Would you get the black or the bronze? I usually live in a warm climate (South Florida) and wear a lot of jeans, so I'm debating the bronze.
  6. I have not seen the bronze IRL but I have heard that botkier metallics are sometimes not as nice as the normal lambskin. I think the bronze looks pretty, but I would definitely make sure you can exchange it if you're going to try it, in case you don't love it. And make sure you don't miss out on a black one if you decide you want it! Also, I do think black would be more classic than bronze, especially since the shape is what some may call "trendy." But get what you love!
  7. I agree with belle. Botkier metallics are not the greatest looking and even when they are, they don't hold up quite as well. Go with the black. It's really pretty and has great leather.
  8. I would have loved it in the natural color they had over the summer, but they're nowhere to be found..thanks everyone!
  9. Did you find one yet? I saw a couple black ones today (large) one silver, one gold hardware. I got a card from the place. PM if you still need one and want the info!
  10. [​IMG]
    I have this metallic one and it is extremely soft and gorgeous!
  11. You can find the black, grey and marine medium patent satchels for 595 at They won't be on the website until next week though.
  12. You are all so sweet to help me track down my bianca! It's so funny - they just stopped selling them on Botkier, Nordstroms, etc. online. Botkier was snotty when I contacted them after the sample sale to track one down as well - you'd think they would have some stock available somewhere! The good news is that so many thoughtful TPFers contacted me with websites and stores and I was able to place one on hold until my friend's sister could pick it up for me. The bag has a tear in the seam by the pocket, but the price was definitely right and is in good condition (as long as I can get the repair done). I am going to take the purse to a shoe and luggage repair place to see if they can fix it. Otherwise, I will send it to lovingbag (?) depending on what the tear actually looks like as they claim they can do "invisible leather repair." Hopefully it is just the seam and is easily fixable. After tax and shipping, I will still have saved at least 200 off retail. So thank you for all of your help!! I will post pictures when it arrives this week.