Botkier Bianca Gunmetal back up for $277

  1. Nope - Gunmetal is gone....color is gold - not sale price.:sad:
  2. It was there...someone got it!
  3. gunmetal is gone now!!!:crybaby::hysteric:
  4. we gotta keep this thread alive -- just so i can remember to keep checking this link..just in case. THAT IS SO CHEAP!!!
  5. I bought this bag from Saks, just came in the mail Yesturday, it is soooooooo beautiful! I have wanted a Bianca for a long time, and the price was right - I'm like Bob Barker!!!:graucho:
  6. wow, i hope a tpfer grab that one! $277 is the cheapest i've seen for a black bianca! i'm still looking for a good deal in the Large size. if anyone spots one, please please pm me :smile:
  7. Dang!!!!!!!! I MISSED IT AGAIN :crybaby::crybaby:Grrrrrrr, stop toying with me :crybaby::crybaby:
  8. There's still one available in gold.

    FYI - Botkier just put some of the fall Bianca's on their website. They also have a fall preview of the new styles. I find that when they switch seasons they put the remaining merchandise on sale on their website. It's usually about 50% off.
  9. So when would you expect the sale to start?

    And, the big question for me is do you think the Large Black Biancas will be on sale?

    I am desperate to find one on sale- I'm currently in the doghouse on this one I owe it as a birthday gift and each day I'm searching and waiting for a sale- It MUST be the black one with gold hardware- she doesn't want gunmetal
  10. OOOH they have some hot new bags for fall!!!! me likes!!!!

    yes, i still want a sasha and a bianca...
  11. The gold is not on sale... :sad:

    The new fall colors olive and red are YUMMY :drool:
  12. I've been checking the Botkier website every day waiting for their sale! I'm dying for the Sasha Duffle in Black! Unfortunately they didn't have any at the Botkier Sample Sale so I substituted the Large Bianca in Gold for $100. There should be another Sample Sale in November or December for all of you in the NY area who missed the recent one! :nogood:
  13. Gunmetal is back this morning!

    If I didn't already have 2 black Botkiers I'd buy this in a sec. I just have to control myself.