Botkier Bianca color dilemma!! HELP!!

  1. Last week at Neiman Marcus I fell in love with the Botkier Bianca medium bag and have been agonizing over which color to purchase. I'm in the market for an everyday bag and have narrowed my choices down to bone or black... I've decided to make my purchase with Active Endeavors (& take advantage of those discount codes!) later this week, but since they don't carry the Bianca in black, my decision has switched over to bone or gunmetal. My dilemma is this -- I already have a great leather black Kate Spade bag that I use daily and don't know if I can justify buying another black everyday bag (but then again, gunmetal isn't exactly black, is it?) :yes:

    For those of you who already own the Botkier Bianca, what color(s) did you decide on? Are there any advantages/disadvantages of one color choice over another? (ie: I thought I read a post in which someone mentioned the navy color didn't hold up very well and could possibly bleed into clothing?) TIA!
  2. I love the Bianca bag too! I would like to get it in the nude snake skin color. I think you should get the bone color since you already have a black everyday bag. I tend to not buy a color I already have, unless one day I run out of colors to buy. The bone color would be great for the spring and summer, so you can use it everyday, and your black Kate Spade can rest a bit :smile:.
  3. Well, I just bought it on Midnight (dark navy), but have seen it in Ivory (bone) IRL and that was simply gorgegous! For some reason I really like it more so in the Ivory or other colors than the black or gunmetal!
  4. Grays are very, very popular for spring. Plus it's a very nice neutral which you can wear with a lot of things. I'd opt for that.
  5. I have the Bianca in Bone. The brushed hardware really stands out. Its just a great color combo.
  6. I have the large Bianca satchel in black and the color is great for hiding spills and whatever mishaps comes it's way!
  7. I want the Bianca in bone - saw it in NM and have been obsessing over it ever since - I'm going to Paris in early April and don't want to go there broke!! Can't do it all if you're me!!!! I'd love to see you get it and send photos!!!
  8. i had the bianca in black and it didn't wear well...botkier uses different types of leathers...the denim color is a heavier leather as is the new "snake" pattern...the cream/bone color is beautiful but also very soft leather...the gunmetal is in the heavier leather...hope this helps!

  9. "Had?" Oh no! How long did you have it? Were you using it as an everyday bag? If so, I may need to rethink my purchase here...Or just not use it as an everyday bag... :crybaby:

    I haven't (and probably won't have an opportunity to) see the Bianca in gunmetal IRL...According to a website (can't remember which one) gunmetal was described as "black with shimmer." Does anyone know how much shimmer we're talking about here? It's a little hard to tell from the Active Endeavor pics alone...
  10. HEY well i haave the bianca in gunmetal and here is what it looks like it has a light shimmer its beutiful!! I wear and own so much black and this bag stands perfectly its black but not solid black the slight shimmer is GORGEOUS!! i totally would go with gunmetaL!
    [​IMG] (in this picture look on the pockets you can see the shimmer best)

    (in this one on the top and pockets you can get an idea, its hard to photograph but i hope it gives you some idea!)
  11. P.S. if you cant tell from the pictures at all and it just looks like a black bag to you, POST THAT and i will take clearer pictures ASAP when i get home tonight oK!??

    at the time i was just snapping pictures for a friend so i may be able to get better ones of the color when thats my focus of the picture! :smile:
  12. Bessie -- Your Bianca in gunmetal is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for the pics.

    Earlier today I thought I had my mind made up to go with the bone color, but now...Aargh...Maybe I'll get it in bone first then save up some $$ and get its twin in the gunmetal? Tempting...
  13. :smile: haha well when it doubt buy both haha

    i just stay away from white bags cause it would kill me if they EVER got even the tiniest bit of dirt on theM! :smile:

    I LOVE the gunmetal i highly recc. it and if you want more pics of the color just ask

    otherwise! :smile: hehe happy shopping and be sure to post pictures of what you get!!!!
  14. If it were my choice I would stay away from the black - I just don't like the shiney gold hardware. The gunmetal is nice but it is close to black. I love the bone and am considering that one myself.

    I own the Bianca in Denim and LOVE this color. It is a deal teal/jade with silver hardware. It was a holiday color so it's pretty hard to find now but it unique. I ordered it in a medium but the bag is too big for me so I'll be returning it and now I'm trying to find it in a small. I also have the Bianca clutch in denim. So far no quality issues but I haven't had them for long.
  15. ZoeyZoo -- Thanks for the feedback!! When I first saw the Bianca medium, my initial reaction was that it was too big for me. After discovering a smaller size was available (other than the clutch), I was thrilled...just not with the colors available I found online. On my latest trip to visit the bag, though, for some reason it didn't seem as big -- maybe because I knew if I wanted it I would need to get the larger size?

    I looked at the black first, but I'm with you in that I thought the hardware stood out a little too much. The bone, however, seemed to have the perfect leather/hardware combo.

    Okay, so payday is tomorrow...I'm thinking a final trip to Neiman's is in order before I place my order...