Botkier Bianca chocolate or rust?

  1. I got the large Bianca on sale at Nordies for $465 in rust color. I like the bag but think I probably like the soft leather on the chocolate Bianca better. But they can only get it from another store and at full price ($699). So since I do like the rust should I keep it? Or pay more for the chocolate which has the softer leather and maybe is more neutral? I'm making myself crazy with this quest for a new fall bag. I'm posting picture to show color, not size. Thank you.
  2. I'd go with the chocolate. I like softer leather better. The rust looks a little stiff. In any case, you should pick whichever you think you'll use more. Even though one's on sale, it's better in the long run to not settle. Price per use in the end makes a big difference!
  3. chocolate- the softer the better.
  4. I would go for the chocolate as it goes more easily with fall colour.
  5. OK...I was almost ready to call Nordies and have them order the chocolate for me but I took another look at the rust...although I'm not totally sold on the shinier leather, the color is good for me...I have auburn hair and the bag goes with my hair....and if I tire of it in a few months I won't feel as bad having gotten for better price. ($700 for the chocolate is a lot for me to spend; I have the $ but would want to be REALLY happy with the bag and not tire of it.) Then again I may not tire of he chocolate one as fast...any more opinions. I'm obessing over this one.
  6. It sounds like if you are questioning it this much, you shouldn't keep the rust. Maybe you are trying to talk yourself into it because of the price. (sounds like something I would do) I would go with the chocolate even though it is more money because it sounds like you will use it more. IMO......
  7. I don't now if you have to go through Nordstrom, but has the large chocolate and if you use the code "apologies" you can get 25% off.

    I vote chocolate!
  8. That 25% off is tempting. I prefer to go thru Nordies so that if I change my mind (imagine!) or something goes wrong with the bag, I can just bring it back to the store. But I'll give active endeavors some thought.
  9. OMG!!!! They are both gorgeous bags! I like the chocolate better though, because I like the soft leather and not the patent leather as much...but they are both great bags!
  10. I am in the minority here but I love the Rust. The Chocolate seems a little Blah to me. And with Auburn Hair....The Rust would set it off so much better. I had the same dilemma last week. I almost got the Rust and settled for a Cherry because I have dark borwn almost black hair and my color is Red.
  11. Chocolate fan here,
  12. Thanks Lexie...I'm truly torn...the rust color stands out more with my coloring and when worn with black clothing - which I wear a lot. But I do like the smooth leather of the chocolate. (you don't suppose the shine goes down with wear, do you?) Additionally I'm feeling like if I think I want the chocolate I should hurry and order it as theBiancas are being discontinued and the stores only have medium for the most part. So I don't know...I may order the chocolate and then I'll have both her to compare.
  13. I like the chocolate better.