Botkier Bianca Bella Bag in Gunmetal! $177.90!

  1. Theres Only One Left!!!!!!!!!
  2. cute!somebody should grab it!
  3. Gah Whats Wrong With Me!? Its In My Cart But I Dont Need It!?
  4. Ok im taking it out. foxiyellow <--------- FREAK
  5. foxiyellow - I totally understand. I felt the same way grabbing the bone/gold! But I love the squishy leather so much!!!

  6. Will Someone Just Buy It!? Please! I Cant Resist The "good-dealness"
  7. oh did you get the bone/gold too? Sheesh, I got the gunmetal and the bone/gold
  8. man o man. Thats it! If no one buys it in the next minute, Im snapping it up
  9. haha then you REALLY don't need it!
  10. Do you have the bone/gold...or were you just thinking about getting it?
  11. I grabbed it the last time they had it in stock. It's on its way right now! I cannot WAIT!
  12. 10 seconds ladies...and then these hands of speed will be put to action
  13. Ashakes..I SEE YOU DOWN THERE
  14. I just noticed you're in Berkeley. I go to law school up there! I am glad that I'll be around a fellow tPF-er up there!