Botkier Bianca $417 at NM and BG

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  1. t4p. by the way, why do the websites for NM and BG look so similar? they aren't owned by the same company...are they?
  2. Yes, same company out of Texas. The returns for both companies ship back to the same warehouse in Texas.
  3. I post BG also because tax will not be charged to some states. NM is in lots of states, so you get charged tax most of the time.
  4. I always wondered the same thing!
  5. damn sold out!
  6. Awwww... too late :sad: I've been eye-ing a Bianca for a while.
    Thanks for posting, Cheetos. That's quite a good deal.
  7. Day late dollar short...story of my life DAMN!
  8. too late I guess all gone~
  9. ugh! gone!

    looooove the bianca so much!