Botkier Bianca $208

  1. sold out!
  2. Which Bulga tote was it, and how much (if you remember)?? I totally missed seeing it!
    Purrrrdy bag you did grab though!!!
  3. I love the Bianca and would have killed for that bag.
  4. Aha! So you had that bag! LOL!!! I had the Kooba Charlie, Bulga, Be & D and the Gustto in my cart until the first 3 disappeared! LOL!!! Got to be fast!!! Probably a good thing too since I just spent $$$ at Stila!!!

  5. Bagachondriac I LOVE that studded leather satchel. Did you get the ivory color? it's so pretty!

  6. I hadn't refreshed the page because I was trying to change to a different cc on my NM Account page. For the 1st time EVER, my husband told me tonight that he would buy me a bag providing it was no more than $500!!! By golly, I wasn't going to let him change his mind so I was trying to switch the doggone cards and I kept screwing up (cause I was in a big hurry!). When I finally accomplished it..I refreshed the page and all these newly added bags were there. I felt like a kid in a candy shop trying to grab them all and somehow I was forced to sign in to my account all over again. That meant having to re-enter the new cc info!!! #$@%^&#$:cursing::cursing::cursing: Boy, was I ticked that I lost both the Bulga and Botkier. I did manage to get the Be&D Crawford in cognac (I'll need advice on treating it) and that was fine because I have the same bag in green. Tomorrow night, I'm gonna be ready for them by signing in before the bags are added. Good I sound like an addict or what? This is insane.

  7. I did Dolly! The color is cognac, but it looks more like ivory to me. Ooh..I'm gonna be scared to carry it. I bought the same bag in moss this summer when Rea at Be&D let us participate in their sample sale online. It is gorgeous..super soft and supple...just yummy!! Here's the moss colored one...

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  8. so that's it tonight? no more wonderful deal? I missed all of them because of the damn slow wireless internet signal!!!!!:cursing:
  9. Do you want me to buy whatever good deal they might have tomorrow night for you. I will tell you what I bought...then when I know you are there and ready, I will cancel and hope that you get it by continuing to refresh the page. I don't mind helping you out. As far as tonight's reductions...they may have more. There has been no rhyme or reason this week to their markdown schedule. One night last week, it was around 1 am EST..the next night 10-11 pm-ish and the following 630-730 pm-ish and again later that night!! That's why my butt is getting bigger cause I sit in front of this darned pc toooooo much just searching for sales. God help me!! I'm a sick woman!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::yahoo:
  10. thanks so much sweetie!! I'm looking for kooba & bulga & MJ & botkier (who isn't). If you get them and change your idea, pl let me know. My house's internet signal is very bad but my office's is great. So I always grab the bags during my work time.
    By the way, my butt is fine but my eyes do hurt:push:. It's not the NM web page but my eyes which need refreshing.
    Even though I lost those deals, I feel so happy for being so crazy.:bagslap:
  11. That's so that why I'm always so happy?? I don't mind helping out cause I know that everyone wants to benefit from these great sales. I just have to stop at some point....LIKE NOW!!! The Lays potato chip commercial keeps coming to mind...'Betcha can't eat just one' or whatever it was they said!! I can't stop at one,...or two...or three....or four. Oh well, I have no other vices and I'm entitled to at least one!:graucho::yes:;)
  12. Ugh I love this bag. Its a shame that the listings only pop up for like a second and then are gone!
  13. True. And not know at what hour of the day they will pop up makes it even more impossible. For the most part, they're coming up sometime between early and late evening (EST) every day ...between 6 pm and midnight...although one evening it was about 1 am. I too love this bag and can't believe I landed it for this price.