botkier bella clutch or gryson elissa

  1. i'm debating between the bella clutch and gryson elissa. i like the bella clutch in gunmetal - like the strap options and the interior pockets/division. can anybody say if these are actually functional in a small purse? then there's the gryson elissa, very cute. i like the riverstone just not sure i'd be able to work it in to too many evenings...any thoughts?
  2. The interior of the bella is separated into 3 sections, I don't find the middle one that useful. In the other two sections, I can put in a small wallet, my glasses case, my phone and some small stuff, like lipstick.
  3. I LOVE my Bella. It's the Best Big Little bag in the world. Those outter pockets hold my keys and cell phone and the bag holds more than it looks. I am so happy I got one. I also LOVE Gryson anything but I had the Elissa and sold it because it was just too small for much of anything. It's a money/keys/lipstick/phone purse strictly.