Botkier Bella Clutch Is This not the Cutest Thing?

  1. Is this clutch by Botkier not the cutest bag? I want it but it's not for me. I need a large bag and virtually never use a small clutch. Makes me wish I did. It's 11x7x2. If anyone is interested it's on JCMadison for 445.

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  2. It's Beautiful & What A Great Price!!!
  3. I hope I don't get flammed for this, but the front pockets remind me of boobs or a bra. :shame:
  4. Actually if you look closely they look like boobs that had once had DD implants in them that burst!. Hey, those zippers would make mammograms much easier...LOL
    Still like the bag, saggy boobs or not :shocked:
  5. deflated boobs is what came to my mind.:biggrin: