Botkier Bella $155 at SAKS

  1. Last CAll is on ladies:yahoo:
  2. its coming up as 455.00!
  3. Gold and bone were $155. Sold Out! Boo! All that's left is the regular priced gold, sorry!
  4. Ugh I feel like they only ever have 1 or 2 in stock when they sell things on super sale!
  5. I bought one in bone and one in gunmetal yesterday at $207 each--glad I snapped them up, even if I had to pay extra. I love this style! Only wish I could have gotten one in cherry, too...hee! :drool:
  6. You should try to get a price adjustment. They should honor it since you just bought it! That's $100+ savings!!!
  7. I got one in Gunmetal for my mom for $155 last night! (she was about to buy one full price, too!)
  8. You guys are so lucky to get it!!!
    I had one in my cart but by the time i checked out, its gone!!!! :sad:
  9. We got ours today! Love Saks for their superfast shipping :smile: The bag is awesome and may i add- smells wonderful! hehe
  10. Sammydoll- is that you? Did you change your avatar?

    I bought a Bella in gunmetal last week. I wonder if I could get a price adjustment. I am going to call.

    I wasnt sure if I should keep it or not. Was thinking of returning it.....but for $155.....
  11. LOL! I thought you returned it....funny how things look even better when they are cheaper..hahaha. You can definitely get a price adjustment since it's within 10 days of purchase. Just call customer service or do Live Chat if you bought it online and they will instantly credit your card. :yahoo:
  12. I did a live chat and they said I cannot get a credit:

    "Unfortunately, price adjustments can not be honored for prior purchases during the current Final Cut Sale."

    Oh well. At least I tried. I'm now reconsidering keeping it. :confused1:
  13. Ash, we posted at the same time. She said I cannot get a price adjustment.

    I was planning on returning it tomorrow and at the same time, check out the Longchamp bag I have been thinking of.....
  14. I called, they said the same thing. Oh, well, it was worth a shot.