Botkier bags on sale

  1. I saw some great Botkier bags on sale at Bag Borrow or Steal. There are a few Trigger bags and at least two Holster is under $200! The savings in the outlet are anywhere from 20-70% off. There are other great designer bags on sale as well.

    Here is the link. Go to the outlet and shop the sale! You can also search by designer within the outlet to narrow your search!

    Happy Shopping!

    Here is the pic of the Botkier bag that is $162 I think! That's crazy!
  2. Oohh they have some really nice stuff if you don't mind some of it being used. The Botkiers (other than the Holster which doesn't seem to be available) aren't really good deals though. Some Prada and Gucci is a steal!
  3. How can we tell which ones are the "gently used" ones, versus the new ones? I feel like they should have a little tag or something.
  4. They do have a tag, actually. The ones that haven't been worn say "never been carried" I don't think any of the Botkiers are new though.