Botkier bag deals

  1. wow great deals!
  2. I am on a buying ban....but I think I'm going to break it.
  3. pquiles, which one are you considering? :yes:
  4. Wasn't there a coupon for an additional discount from Luckyshops?
  5. I like the bombay tote
  6. *faints* I can't believe this bag is on sale! Love the bombay bag too!
  7. im waiting for the essex!
  8. I like them all :P I want one of each. This bag addition is sooo bad for the wallet.
  9. I went to get the bombay today, but they were all sold out. I'm considering the trigger e/w and the holster. Don't know...I'll probably wait and see if I can find the twilight on sale soon.