Botkier Bag $205 @shopmint

  1. it's gone
  2. its back!
  3. I'd recommend this bag--I just received the two I ordered from Saks on sale last week in bone/gold and gunmetal/silver, and I'm in LOVE!!!

    I saw the regular Botkier Bianca satchel in Nordstrom last weekend, and it was a little large for me--I wouldn't have bought it. But the Bianca Bellas are sooooooo cute; I'd buy this one if I didn't have two already! They're sized like a large clutch or a small shoulder bag, around 9 inches long by 5 inches high, and the strap is convertible so you can wear it either on your shoulder (it will fit right under your armpit--a perfect size for going out at night) or on your wrist like a clutch/wristlet. The leather is thick and soft; the hardware is heavy. For $200 and change, it's really a bargain.

    The gold hardware looks classier; the gunmetal I got with silver hardware has more of a tough biker or rocker chick look to it. The bag on sale in this thread looks like the black with gold hardware.
  4. great deal. I have to tell my girlfriend as shes been looking for this bag on sale.
  5. Dang, out again!