botkier- authentic? help before i pay

  1. Oh My...who could tell. The pictures are terrible. You can't see what stains she is talking about. The bottom of the bag has some weird wrinking. Does it have the botkier logo lining? You can't see. And you can't see the leather close enough to see if the texture is correct. 135 seems awfully cheap for a Trigger. I'm sorry I am no help. Anyone else?
  2. Well the seller has a bunch of other bags for sale other brands, so if you know anything about miu miu, chanel, prada and those are real, this prob is too.
  3. also, the seller told me that she would send me extra pictures. i still havent gotten them, but im gonna message her and let her know i wont be ready to pay until she mails more pictures.

    Hi. Could you please mail me the pictures I asked for before I pay? I'd like a clear picture of the front, the back, the inside of each large compartment, the silver botkier label and anywhere there are stains or defects. I expected them sooner, but I wanted to buy the item and I'm sure it will be no problem for you to send the pictures now, before I pay.

    Anything else I should get pictures of before I pay?
  4. I agree that you should ask for more pictures. The lighting is off, her silver hardware looks gold to me. And the botkier logo picture could come from any bag, there is not indication that it's the same bag.