Botkier...auth. check

  1. Is there anyone I can pm about an eBay auction i am looking at???
  2. Also...i am new to this brand... is this purse a better way to go or are there better styles?? I was also looking at one that had lots of pockets (i think it was a Bianca?)
  3. anyone know??
  4. I don't, actually -- sorry! -- but you might want to try posting a thread on the eBay forum. :smile:
  5. The Botkier imprints on the lining are there and I don't know if the 'fakers' are faking the lining that well yet.

    I'm not familiar with that style but my own Botkier has the imprints on the lining. Hope someone can help you more!
  6. I looks good except for the lining. Botkier prints their logo using black fabric lining on the triggers. I owned 2 in light colors and looked at many in various retail stores. I have never seen one with white lining. In the earlier years they had just the black fabric lining so I know it's not one of those.
  7. As for the brand, the trigger bag is kind of "the bag that started it all." The Bianca (the one with the two pockets on the front) is there most popular now but is being discontinued after this season. I think the medium is the most popular size of the Bianca.

    Sorry, I'm no help with Trigger authenticity.
  8. is it fake because the lining is white?