Botkier-are they faked too?

  1. I'm new to Botkier. I love the look of the Biana (several women at work have it) & I was considering making the small one one of my next purchases. However, I was wondering how careful I need to be? If I get one off of eBay, do I have to watch out for fakes for this brand too? Since I'm not familiar with the brand, I was just wondering. Also, I did do a search for threads about them & the general consensus seems to be that the whole zipper/flap is a huge hassle, even though the bag is gorgeous?

  2. Unfortunately it seems like everything has been knocked off somewhere. I have seen fake Botkier bags. I was carrying my real Trigger last year and saw a lady carrying a Trigger look-alike, so I know that style has been copied. As a general rule, I don't buy bags off eBay just because there are so many fakes. I think some of the ladies here could help you decide if a particular auction was for a real bag, though, if you found one and posted the link.

    HTH a little!
  3. Yes, I have seen fake Botkier. But the Biancas have been going on sale at the end of season both last fall and this spring, so you may be able to get a deal now or in the fall. Lots of reputable on line retailers like Saks, NM and the Botkier web site carry the bags.
  4. Personally I have a Bianca and love it (got it on sale from I don't mind the flap and zipper, but it takes a bit getting used to.:smile:
  5. Thanks for the info! I love the look of the Bianca but am still unsure about the flap/zipper. We have a Neimans & Nordstrom where I live, so I think I'll venture in & see one up close. Other than the ones I've seen at work, which are large, I haven't seen any in person. In fact, I didn't even know they made a small version of the Bianca until I saw it on shopbop. the leather slouchy? The one I saw at work was, but I didn't know if that was the norm.
  6. Yes the leather is slouchy. I have a medium Bianca, but I love the small size too. I'm trying to resist the small in cherry, so cute for fall!
  7. Yes, the cherry is beautiful!! I'm a black-bag girl, all the way, but the cherry definitely caught my eye!:yes: One of the ladies at work has one that looks like "winter white" to me (I'm sure it has an official name) & its gorgeous too!

    Thanks for letting me know about the leather. The leather doesn't look slouchy in the pics online, but the ones at work are. You just never can tell depending on how much or how little someone has in it!
  8. I've bought 1 Trigger and 2 Biancas off ebay, all three authentic. I don't think there are any fake Biancas out there that I've seen YET, but I've seen a few Triggers.
  9. I've bought and sold Botkier on Ebay. All of the ones I bought were authentic. While there are fakes there are real ones too.

    On top of fakes, there are a lot of knock-off, no name Bianca and Trigger (and I'm sure there are outher styles) relicas out there.

    They are also put on sale at the end of seasons for the same or less than what they sell for on Ebay. Some sites like Adasa, Revolve, etc. offer generous coupon and sales that put it at 20-50% off.

    As for the flap, it doesn't bother me at all. I put all the stuff I grab for constantly like chapstick, lipgloss, cell phone in the little zip pouches and I can unzip them 1 handed while carrying the bag. Since I'm only going into the flap infrequently it isn't much of a hassle.
  10. Thanks ZoeyZoo-I was wondering if the pockets were truly servicable or were cosmetic? Good to know a cell phoine will fit!

    I was also wondering if the small will fit over your shoulders or whether it would be better as a 'handbag'? I'll also take a look & see if I can find some sales before I run with ebay. Does anyone know if the small one goes on sale as well?

    Thanks for everyone's responses! I feel like these are very elementary questions, but I don't want to get taken for a ride on ebay or overpay if I can buy one on sale somewhere!
  11. Yes the outside pockets are a good size for a pack of gum, cell phone, work badge, etc. They are lined in suede like the main compartment. The main compartment has a zip pocket in it.

    The small won't fit over the shoulder. I don't see a lot of stores that carry the small bianca. I've seen them in Nordstrom and NM (in-store only) and AE.

    My medium (from the winter 2006 line) fits over my shoulder comfortably but the ones I see in the stores for the summer/fall season are really tight and slip off easily. I don't know if the strap is a little shorter now of if mine stretched. This has kept me from buying a ivory or red one.

    The large size does fit on the shoulder but it felt too large for me. I'm on the short side and don't like anythign too large.

    I used to own a Bianca clutch too and it fits over the shoulder too. It carries about the same amount of stuff as the small Bianca. They are really similar in size but have a little different look since it's a clutch.