Botkier and Kooba under 200...GO FAST!

  1. Ok, I have a Botkier Roxy satchel in black in my cart for $168
    and 2 kooba hudsons, black and olive $187
    I am going to hold them for about 1 more minute and then release then to the happy grabber!!! So go to, sale, then the brand....
  2. The Botkier never showed up.

  3. I still am thinking about it....:confused1: Do I NEED another bag???? I will let you know when I Release her, or if I buy her! Koobas are back up...
  4. The Koobas show up as "Out of Stock" with no photo.

  5. :yahoo:I LOVE YOU SHOEGAL!!! I got the Black Patent Hudson. That is even cheaper that at the Kooba Sample sales in both L.A & New York!
  6. YAHOO! Good for you! I am still debating on the botkier.....:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  7. And that's the one I'm hoping to grab if you decide not to buy it! :graucho:
  8. I would LOVE that Botkier... you're really lucky!
  9. Does this mean there's still ONE Kooba left?!?!
  10. nope all gone now:crybaby:
  11. Ok, I SHOULD release botkier now...give me 1 more minute to think :sad:
  12. Realeasing botkier in 30 seconds...go refresh like crazy!!!!!
  13. released...
  14. ugh, Shopbop won't load... good luck everyone!
  15. It never showed up for me.