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Jan 30, 2006
i am still agonizing over my new spring bag purchase... for a long time i felt like a botkier trigger was a balenciaga wannabe and kept saving money to get one, somehow i kept spending the saved money on clothes ...

i realize now in some ways i like the trigger more, i could get one now with the money i have and want a metallic bag ... the new balenciagas seem too shiny to me, they do not have metallics, i do not want to buy on ebay so without going on and on...

i think someone here recently purchased the trigger in metallic pearl... do you love the color? i cannot decide black or pearl? could i use the pearl all year? i wear black so often it is nice to have a bag that is not black....ahhhh why do i do this to myself?

so trigger owners out there, tell me you love them and convince me to get one...
I have the the Stirrup and the med. Trigger both in peral and love them!!!! It is a very soft metalic almost more of a luster, so when the trend is over, the bag will still look great. I also like ti because white is so popular, but with the peral it is more of an eggshell not so stark so it should stay clean longer and once agian when that trend is out, it will still not look so dated. also the textured leather I think will really make it durable. I have taken a picture of the stirrup and as soon as I get batteries for my little digitial I'll take pictues of my trigger. If you are wondering why I have 2 botkiers in the same color, I got the stirrup at Eluxery last month full price and then the trigger went on sale and it was such a good deal I had to get it too. I think that the stirrup is a prettier bag I like the stud detail but all of my stuff doesn't fit into it so the trigger I think (I haven't even tried it yet) will be a better size for me. The only bag thing about the Botkier is that the color swatches on their site are so misleading. I would love to see other colors besides the pearl in real life.


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oh wow thanks for the reply!!!
i love the color.. okay i am just about there... i wish so badly i could see it in person before i bought but the neimans here only has a few styles...
I have the med trigger in pearl and I am very pleased with the color. It is unique and I think it's seasonally flexible, too. I'm glad I didn't go with a bright white. It's more of a silvery light taupe. So pretty!