Botkier 60% off @

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  1. wish I could find a bianca for that price...
  2. thanks for posting! i just purchased the crosby satchel for $238 flat! no shipping and no tax! :tup:
  3. I got the Devon Clutch in eggshell for $118 shipped. Perfect summery color too. Great sale.
  4. Thanks for the post! I just got the Crosby Top Handle for $238.;)
  5. Yuck! I just went to check out and it said $80 for shipping! Forget that!!!
  6. I just tried to send the item to a US address and it still is coming up $80. Is there some free shipping code that I'm not finding?
  7. Aggh. I'm a moron. I mixed up the shipping and billing addresses. Now it's coming up as free shipping. Sorry about the spam! :lol:
  8. does anyone know how big the devon clutch is? i
  9. I see these come up on eBay a lot. I would check there.
  10. I saw this on another website, about the Devon Clutch:

  11. whoa...look at those markdowns!
  12. I'm sooo glad I didn't see anything I had to have. I'm a trigger fan.
  13. Is the free shipping only within the US?
  14. yeah the free shipping only applies to the US.

    i just ordered the Devon Small Satchel in Eggshell and am having it shipped to my friend's place in the States, so i won't get it until mid-Sep. argh, the wait!