Botkier 30% Off from Muse Ten in San Francisco!

  1. Cindy, owner of the wonderful Muse Ten handbag store in San Francisco, has offered Purse Forum members a great deal on some Botkier bags. I am passing this on with Megs permission.

    "We think the purseforum is great and we would like to do something special for the members. We carry Botkier and would like to offer an exclusive discount to purseforum members of 30% off all our Botkier bags. We don't have our website up and running yet, but members can just stop by the store or give us a call (415-922-6873) between now and June 24 and we'll gladly work with them. Right now, we have the following Botkier bags in stock:

    Bella Clutch in Gunmetal
    Medium Bianca in Gunmetal
    Large Biance in Gunmetal
    Bella Clutch in Grey Snakeskin
    Medium Bianca in Grey Snakeskin
    Small Bianca in Rust
    Medium Bianca in Bone
    Sasha Hobo in Pudding
    Sasha Hobo in Glass
    Sasha Satchel in Pudding
    Sasha Satchel in Glass"

    Good luck everyone!
  2. Woo hoo! Thanks for the tip!
  3. Large Bianca :nuts: :yahoo: :yahoo::nuts: